Essex HS Track and Field Invitational 2014

Essex Junction, VT

Meet Information

Essex HS Track and Field Invitational / NE Qualifier
Saturday, May 31, 2014, 9:00 AM, Essex HS, VT
Essex High School, 2 Educational Dr., Essex Junction, VT 05453

Meet Director: Steve Dowd, Essex HS

Meet Administrator: Pavel Dvorak, Burlington HS

Entry Deadline: All schools 11:59 PM (midnight), Tuesday, May 27, 2014 email to

Rules: NFHS and VPA rules will be followed.

Entry Fees: $110.00 per team (please read team not school), or $12.00 per individual (please read entry fee not participation fee - school must pay per athletes entered)

Make checks payable to: Essex HS. Please mail check in advance to Todd Herrington, Essex HS, 2 Educational Dr., Essex Junction, VT 05453
Late fees please see VPA TF Rules Book. All fees must be paid prior to the participation.

Admission: General Admission to the meet: adult $7.00 and $3.00 student. Food, Meet Programs and T-shirts will be sold.

Parking at Essex HS is free. We cannot guarantee parking to all spectators (first come/first served).

Awards: Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place. Top 6 athletes and relays in every event will receive individual awards presented during awards ceremony approximately (meet situation, possible protest etc.) 1 hour after the final of the event.

Implements & PV weigh-ins: Weigh-ins will be required for shot put, discus and javelin between 8:15 AM 9:00 AM before the meet on Saturday. Only checked and marked equipment will be permitted in competition and in warm-up throws. PV inspection will begin at 8:00 AM and will close at 8:45 AM.

Pole Vault Weight Certification Form: Every coach of an athlete competing in PV must submit the Weight Certification Form to the PV official during the inspection prior to the start of the competition.

Scoring: No team score will be kept

Time schedule / Order of Events
Field Events: Field events will begin at 9:00 AM.
Athletes must inspect/weigh-in 9:45 10:30 AM Pole Vault and 10:00-10:45 AM Shot Put, Discus, Javelin.
9:00 AM
boys Pole Vault
9:30 AM
girls Discus
girls Long Jump
girls High Jump
boys Long Jump
boys Shot Put
11:00 AM
boys Javelin
to follow
girls Pole Vault
girls Triple Jump
girls Shot Put
girls Javelin
boys High Jump
boys Triple Jump
boys Discus

Opening heights in girls High Jump will be 4-4 and boys High Jump will be 5-6. Both
will go up 3 inches after opening height and then go up 2 inches at a time (please see
Opening height in girls Pole Vault will be 8-0 and boys Pole Vault will be 10-6 both will
go up 6 inches after opening height (please see below)
In horizontal jumps and throws there will be one warm up jump / throw between flights.
There will be a second warm up (maximum 15 min long) before the bolded heights
(please see bellow) for only athletes who did not yet entered a competition in HJ and PV
and before last 2 flights in Long and Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin.
All field events will be arranged so that those with the best qualifying performances will
compete at the end.
In the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin, the top 7 will advance to
the final.
In the High Jump and Pole Vault, the 5 alive procedure will be used.
Triple Jump boards are Girls 24'0", 28'0" and 360 (painted); Boys 32'0" and 38'0" from
the pit.
In field events athletes may provide their own markers. The host school will provide
tennis balls. Markers must be placed outside of runways. There is a maximum limit of 2
markers per competitor. Chalk is OK. NO TAPE PLEASE.
The head judge may change the order of competition to accommodate those who may
be excused to participate in other events.

Running Events: Running events will begin at 10:30 AM.

Order of running events girls followed by boys except boys 110m High Hurdles Final
Athletes must check in before 2nd call is given.

10:30 AM
4x800 m Relay Finals
100/110 m High Hurdles Trials
100 m Dash Trials
1500 m Run Finals
100/110 m High Hurdle Final boys first!
4x100 m Relay Finals
400 m Dash Finals
100 m Dash Final
300 m Low/Intermediate Hurdles Finals
800 m Run Finals
200 m Dash Finals
3000 m Run Finals
4x400 m Relay Finals

In the 100/110 m High Hurdles and 100 m Dash, the 1st place per heat + times will advance to the final.
All running events will be run in sections with the fastest section running last.
Tape is not allowed on the track and runways. Chalk is OK.
In the 4x100 m Relay, a chalk mark or tennis ball will be used as the only mark to aide outgoing runner to time their start. The host school will provide tennis balls.
The alley start (California start) will be used in the 1500 m Run and 800 m Run.

Spikes: Running and jumping events maximum 3/16 exposed. Javelin runway has a grass

Wind readings: Wind readings will be measured and recorded (weather permitting) for all required running and field events.

Check in Running Events: Athletes checking in for running events
1. Must report to the clerk of the meet at the time the first call is given (approx. 15 min. before event starts) at the check-in tent. Athletes must stay in the check-in tent until they are
2. Marched to the infield. Athletes may continue their warm up on the far (west/lake) side of the infield (please read infield not track) after they have checked in with clerk.
3. Athletes will receive their hip numbers, heat and lane assignment at the center of the infield.
4. Athletes will be marched to the start of the race.

Clerk will scratch all absent athletes on the 2nd final call (approx. 10 min. before event starts) and re-seed the event if necessary. Missing athletes will not be re-entered after the re-seeding is done.

Check in Field Events: All athletes must report to the field event official at the time the first call is given (15 min. before event start; PV 30 min.) at the field event sector.

Athlete leaving for a running event must sign out on the first call and he/she must sign back in no later than 10 min. after the conclusion of the heat he/she was competing in.

Athlete participating in two or more field events at the same time he/she must go back and forth between these events.

Competitor Hip Numbers: Hip numbers must be worn on the left and right hip, centered, shirt must be tucked in. In events not finishing in assign lanes (distance etc.) additional hip number must be worn on the front and left side chest high.

Infield area incl. all jumps: Only competing athletes will be allowed inside the infield. Coaches with infield passes will be
allowed inside the coaches box next to the long jump pole vault.

Team Tents: No tents on stands and along the track fence please.

Jury of Appeals: TBA

Weather Emergency: When thunder is heard or lightning is seen, athletes, coaches and spectators must leave the field and go inside the Essex rink or Essex HS. Once lightning has been recognized or thunder heard, wait time will be thirty minutes (thirty minute rule) before resuming activities. When competition is resumed, athletes will be given a 15 min warm-up prior to the start. Entry Info

All schools are invited. Please see entry limits below.
Entry Format Web entry or
Hy-Tek Team Manager entries only (instructions .pdf file on the web site) download Essex Invitational Meet Events File for your Hy-Tek Team file (with entry qualifying standards).
Meet Qualifying standards An athlete may enter an event only if his/her performance in this events is equal or better than posted qualifying standards which must be achieved this outdoor season. Athlete must qualify in every event he/she is entering. (Please see below)
Team Entry Limits School may enter maximum of six (6) athletes per event. Additional extra entries in one event per school will be scratched based on the lowest seed than athlete's lower grade.
Athlete may enter maximum of 4 events including 1-4 and alternate relays positions.
Coaches must check their entries on web by Thursday. Performance and entry list by school will be posted.
No Team Entries after Thursday week of the meet.
Scratches please email ASAP.
Food / Drink will be on sale at the snack bar.
T-shirts will be sold.
VPA event admission charge $7.00 adults, $4.00 students.

Entry Qualifying Standards

Event 1 Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 1 team per school
Event 2 Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 1 team per school
Event 3 Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 18.94
Event 4 Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 20.24
Event 5 Girls 100 Meter Dash 14.34
Event 6 Boys 100 Meter Dash 12.54
Event 7 Girls 1500 Meter Run 5:50.24
Event 8 Boys 1500 Meter Run 4:50.24
Event 9 Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 1 team per school
Event 10 Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 1 team per school
Event 11 Girls 400 Meter Dash 68.24
Event 12 Boys 400 Meter Dash 57.74
Event 13 Girls 300 Meter Hurdles 57.24
Event 14 Boys 300 Meter Hurdles 52.24
Event 15 Girls 800 Meter Run 2:41.44
Event 16 Boys 800 Meter Run 2:16.24
Event 17 Girls 200 Meter Dash 29.74
Event 18 Boys 200 Meter Dash 25.34
Event 19 Girls 3000 Meter Run 13:10.24
Event 20 Boys 3000 Meter Run 11:00.24
Event 21 Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 1 team per school
Event 22 Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 1 team per school
Event 23 Boys Pole Vault 10-06.00
Event 24 Girls High Jump 4-05.00
Event 25 Girls Discus Throw 75-00
Event 26 Boys Long Jump 17-10.00
Event 27 Boys Shot Put 36-04.00
Event 28 Girls Long Jump 13-10.00
Event 29 Girls Pole Vault 8-00.00
Event 30 Boys High Jump 5-06.00
Event 31 Boys Discus Throw 105-00
Event 32 Boys Triple Jump 36-04.00
Event 33 Girls Shot Put 26-00.00
Event 34 Girls Triple Jump 28-02.00
Event 35 Girls Javelin Throw 78-11
Event 36 Boys Javelin Throw 125-00